Wednesday, January 24, 2007


What is she dreaming about???? I caught this photo as I was about to wake her has made me smile nonstop! What else can I say, she is already so amazing! What a gift!

In other news...things are going really really well! Lauren has let us both get 7 hours sleep the last two nights....this is amazing! She gets up to eat and goes right back to sleep, it's been great. I wonder how long this will last....

Jackson seems to be doing well, he really loves to check on his sister and give her kisses. Seems like his molars are still bothering him, but this will end soon. Only one more tooth to go! I think he is adjusting fairly well to his sister, but he definately has his moments where he wants nobody but mommy. I have to admit, it makes me feel special...makes things hard at times, but it's nice to know that he really does need me.

Dave loves his new role as a daddy to a little girl...he falls more in love with her everyday!

Well....feeding time is coming up and then it's lights out! No more up till 11/12 o'clock! Early to bed and early to rise these days!


Our precious little girl sleeping..... :)

Monday, January 22, 2007

Home Sweet Home!

We are back at home and that is such a nice feeling! We are so blessed and can't believe we now have TWO children! It's like we are adults now! :) Lauren is doing great and Jackson is a wonderful Big Brother! It has been a little hard adjusting to less sleep, but it's been worth it. Jackson is also getting his 2yr molars, so he is up at night too, it's like a PARTY!

My Dad and Stepmom are here till Thurs and Dave's mom is coming Saturday for a week. Then Dave will be taking off some time too. He is back at work today, we sure do miss him! Hopefully he isn't falling asleep at his desk. :)

The puppies also came home this morning and they seem to be adjusting pretty well, I think they are just glad to be home!

Please know that everyone is more then welcome to come by and meet are precious little girl, just give us a ring so we can figure out a good time!

Thanks for all the prayers and keeping up with the blog the day of the birth. It was so much fun to read the comments during the day! It felt like reality blogging! :) Hope everyone is doing well!


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