Wednesday, May 28, 2008


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Well at least I have a good reason for not updating recently...traveling! The end of April/beginning of May, Jackson, Lauren and myself (allison) went to Houston to see family. It was a last minute trip. It was our first trip flying without Dave, and if it had been a longer flight I don't think I could have made it. The next task was getting luggage, stroller, car seats , carry ons, oh and kids too, to the car rental and actually into the car and off the lot. We did get a minivan and yes it was convenient and great, but I still DO NOT want one :) . 

We did tons of fun things, saw lots of family and got there during a cool week! We went to the zoo, lots of restaurants, met Justin's girlfriend, saw almost all of the family and I even had time to myself to see friends. It really was a great week, to see more photos, click here!

While I was in Houston, Dave decided to book a cruise! Unfortunately, we only had 4 days after getting back from Houston to get ready to leave. It was really nice to get away and just have fun with Dave (Suzannah too). Dave pretty much worked days and evenings and even some weekends for all of march and April, so we all needed a break.  Suzannah had a long semester and since she is doing school all summer (so she can go to Italy in the fall) she came with us too! 

The cruise went out of San Diego and it was pretty chilly when we got there. We got to go to Sea World for Mother's Day and I couldn't have asked for a better day. Sea World is one of my favorite places and I got to go with the greatest people ever! We had a great day and then it was time to go crusin'! we had a great trip even though it was a little chilly the first 2 days. Lauren just didn't feel well most of the cruise....even though we managed to get a few smiles out of her, she just didn't act like her happy self. I think it was an ear infection along with a little sea sickness. The day we got off the boat she finally ate again, and she was much happier. Jackson on the other hand had a GREAT time! He had so much fun playing, swimming, putt putt, running in the halls and so much more.  See the entire album here!

there is so much more to talk about, but I am running out of time fast! We are on our second 30 minute show and it will be ending soon! :) I am also putting another gallery of random photos over the last couple months. Lauren had her first haircut, Baseball games Jackson turning 3, Lauren brushes her teeth and swimming in the front yard (on should I say MUD!), people visiting and more! 

we really hope all is well with everyone and make sure you let us know what is going on with you!!!


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