Friday, May 14, 2010

Lauren's 3rd birthday (very late!)

Well I realized the other day I never put pictures up from Lauren's birthday party. My computer died around the same time as her birthday, so I never got her pics on my current computer. So here we go! BTW I got these from our phanfare site, so they are pretty big.
*some of these pics were way to big, if you click on some of them you can see the entire photo. I will have to work on this.*

the big THREE year old!!!
Lauren and some of her friends!
Her Super CUTE cake! it looked just like the invite!

A lot of the party was such a fun party!
Where did my baby girl go??? She is starting pre school in September....well that's assuming we learn how to use the potty...hard core training is starting soon!
Lauren and Anna about to open presents!

Getting ready to play Pin the Crown on the princess!
Here is a pic of the entire family! we all had such a great time at her party!

Monday, May 10, 2010

mother's day...

I had a great Mother's Day with all my kids!!! we also had a great lunch with the Barbers, but I forgot to get out the camera. here are a couple pics :)
the one picture that was sort-of decent. it's getting harder and harder to get a picture with all the kids.

me and sweet husband :)

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