Tuesday, November 10, 2009

the MOST ADORABLE place!

We stayed at the cutest place ever while in Branson last week....it was the Stormy Point Villag. All the houses are different colors, bright and look like little cottages from New England. It really was wonderful. Jackson sat in the rocking chair on the back porch for 10 minutes before we left because he did not want to leave. it really was a great trip, exactly what we needed to rest and recharge!

the neighborhood
the main building with the indoor pool, shop, restaurant and lighthouse you can go to the top of.
see the little green drive through on the bottom right?? seriously this picture does not even come close to showing how cute it was!
our little green/purple cottage!

our room! huge! we had two rooms and a bath upstairs (for our family) and there was another bedroom and bath downstairs.
kids room!
a FULL kitchen...which we used a lot!
everything we needed was right there!
nautical theme and all!

more pics to come.....

Halloween again...

here are a couple pics from halloween day...
here they are at the church getting ready for trunk or treat
going door to door...

my cute little pumpkin!
jackson is really into he and peter wearing matching shirts! I love that he is into this right now....it's so fun and cute!
jackson is SOOOO proud of his baby brother!

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