Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Fields came to hang out and have lunch today! Jen with her kiddos, Laura and Luke!

Jackson practicing his soccer!

My little girl...4 months old this Saturday!!

Lauren and her Daddy! He loves her so much!

Big Smiles from Lauren! :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

funny little guy...

here are some things my little buddy is saying now...

I wanna color
dave sneezes and Jackson says 'bless you Daddy!'
I walk out the front door and he says, " I'm coming, I'm coming!"
cow need socks
door closed
baby sit here (and points to car seat)
i want shoes
momma wanna come? baby wanna come? daddy wanna come? - whenever we are going somewhere
I wanna ride bike
heaby (heavy)
golf club
I go! or momma I wanna go
i go outside
Amemah (Amanda) she is also called Mommy
choo choo train
oink oink and pig
moooo and cow
i hold (means I want you to hold me)
I potty
horse and neigh
what you doing? (so funny, he will say it over and over again)
what's that?
puppy dog
Suzanny (Suzannah is her name)
i sit here and then he pats the chair to show me
need to blow? (blow your nose)
i hurt
bo bo
daddy ok? momma ok?
dirty! and he holds his hands out....he hates to have dirty hands!
jackson (and he points to himself!)

that is all I can think of right now....if you come see him I am sure he will talk your head off! :) He loves to talk and everyday he gets better and better...

Lauren can say...well she can giggle now and it is super cute, we will post a video soon! :) She is also trying to suck her thumb....

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Busy Weekend...

This weekend has flown by! We had two graduations and Mother's Day...lots going on! Here are a few pics from the weekend...

These are our friends, Jack and Stacy (now Dr.'s Jack and Stacy Higgins!!!), many of you know them as our Aggie friends. They are our best friends up here and they will soon be moving to the DC area for jobs. We met them in our church in Fayetteville. They are Aggies (class of '01) and Stacy and Dave were even in the same Freshman Bible Study at the BSM...small world! They have a son, Freddy, 5 weeks younger than was so wonderful to be pregnant together and be able to talk about stuff. We have been friends with the Higgins for about 4 years now and it will be hard to tell them goodbye. We were each others first friends here in Arkansas since leaving TX, so they are pretty special. We will miss yall so much!!!!!

Here are a couple pics with Suzannah. She is our neighbor, but she is also family. She pretty much lives at our house when she isn't at school/work/or her home. We adore this gal so much and she is very special to us. We are so proud of her and will really miss her not being around all the time in the fall. Luckily she will only be 30 minutes away at the Univeristy of Arkansas. I am sure I will be picking her up for coffee and out for dinner every now and then. :)

Lastly, my first Mother's day with Lauren! She is so adorable and I can't imagine not having her around. She is the perfect addition to our family! I wish I had a pic with Jackson, but the day was too crazy!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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