Saturday, May 02, 2009

Jackson's Actual Birthday!

Happy 4th birthday Jackson! These are pictures from his actual birthday. The day started at preschool with cupcakes with his class. I would post pictures of him and his classmates but i don't know all the parents. Here is his classroom and one of his good friends Emily! 

Opening presents at home! Golf from Freddy!! We also opened a dump truck from my parents, but didn't get a good picture. 
That night we went to the opening game for the Naturals!! It was also the first night we left Peter (Mrs. Christine was the best sitter) and we had such a good time!
Here is a family picture!
lots of fun things to do at the games! (of course we didn't really get to watch the game)

Loving the slide!!!
I am 4!!!!

Friday, May 01, 2009


yesterday was jackson's last day of school. He loves his teacher Mrs. Jennifer. He said after I picked him up that he hates school is over. he also said he will really miss seeing Mrs. Jennifer. so sweet!
a few smiles!!! Peter is smiling more and more everyday and I finally sort of got one! 
so handsome!

Peter and Ian having fun...arms are linked...they will be friends forever!
Lauren wanted to join in on the fun! sorry for the lack of photos of my sweet girl...don't know what happened!

Monday, April 27, 2009

quick pic

today Peter turned 2 months old!!! he also got his shots...not fun! we are super busy here and Dave is now in Chicago till Friday night. I hope to get those other pics are a couple from today. 
STATS - 12lbs 1 oz
23 inches

look at that face!!! what a cute frown..don't worry i picked him up right after this!
my three precious kiddos! a pic for daddy after he left!

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