Monday, March 14, 2011

Vicki Dees...

Me and Vicki October 2010
Me and Vicki Fall 2008

This morning I found out some that I had been waiting to hear for a week or so, but didn't want to hear at the same time. A good friend went to be with the Lord early this morning. Vicki was certainly like no other woman I had ever met before...and I mean that in the best way possible! When I first met her I thought she looked identical to my Aunt (who was also an amazing woman and there was no one like her!) that passed away while I was in my first few thoughts of Vicki involved lots of tears. It's amazing that she was just so similar to my aunt, played the piano, teacher, loved children, RED hair, love to sing hymns. Then she dyed her hair blonde and I could get through a service without crying again :) She did go back to red, but it wasn't hard that time! Then I joined her Sunday School class, WHAT A CLASS! But at first I thought (remember Vicki was different) who cries during a Sunday School lesson? Often Vicki would get so emotional about her love for God and I have to admit it was contagious! She opened my eyes and God opened my heart so much through her. Her love for our Heavenly Father was BEAUTIFUL! I loved being in Vicki's class, though I had seasons when I was there every week for months and then missed for months due to having babies/sick kids/youth and I really really missed those mornings. Then after that we started volunteering with the youth and we met at the Dees' house and that was GREAT! we got to spend every Sunday evening with them for almost a year! It was a sweet sweet time...she loved on my new baby girl and hugged her, smiled and cooed with her every Sunday. It meant so much that she would play with her (esp since I was one tired exhausted momma, trying to do too many things at one time with two small kids....which I still have a problem with except it's 3 kids). I wish I had taken more time to get to know her better, but my life was pretty nuts and I missed out on much I am sure. forward a couple years and she had a terrible diagnosis of cancer(which my aunt also died from at a young age), but you wouldn't have known it was terrible by her spirit. It was a time to grow even closer to our Lord and to minister to others! See she was different! you heard right....during her illness she spent her time speaking to women about how good the Lord was! and about how good He was to her. Oh I defiantly have been inspired, touched, blessed by this woman. I am teary again as our relationships ends, but this time it's more of a symbol of just feeling richly blessed by my Lord and thankful she is where she has always longed to be! She was 'born to be eternal"- a quote by Vicki Dees during her last few days and she was!

Thank you Lord for her life and letting me see YOU in her! Please comfort Kerwin and the rest of her wonderful family during this time. I know they are rejoicing over Viki being home, but I know that it will be still be hard some days....she is irreplaceable!

here is a link to her blog so you can read more about her beautiful journey. I will miss her sweet spirit and beautiful smile so much already.

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