Thursday, January 15, 2009

my not so little girl.......

My little girl is turning TWO on Monday....i am having a very hard time dealing with this! I feel like it went by way to fast!! When you have just one baby it so easy to catch it all and spend lots of good quality time together...but once the 2nd baby comes it's a little harder. makes me wonder how hard it will be with three babies! I love my precious little girl and look forward to making lots of wonderful memories with her during the next year. :) now that her personality is really coming out I know that we will be having a TON of fun!!! 

here she is giving all the animals tea
after her haircut....her silly smile!
she really is a very happy little girl...we are so blessed by her!
dave got this great shot last precious!
my silly little girl with her hair up for a change...and a mouth full of cheese! 
that is her favorite food!

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