Monday, July 02, 2007

Back from is the scoop!

I noticed that Dave put he is about to start a vacation, while I just got back from a 10 day trip to Texas! *

* Warning this is very long....I usually don't put this many photos in one entry, but this was a great trip and it was so great to see so many people!

That was my first drive to TX in 3, almost 4 was quite the adventure. I thought as I was 20 miles from home already stopping to tend to a screaming baby that this was going to be a long trip...I didn't know if we would make it. Between Lauren getting her first two teeth, Jackson not eating or getting good naps, lots of miles (around 1600) and so much more we somehow did survive and pulled back into town last night around 7:15. The drive wasn't fun, but it certainly could have been worse. The 5 and 1/2 hour drive to Ft. Worth took a little over 7 hours....that was the worst leg of the trip. We stayed with Jen and Brad for a night....Sam too!

Next stop....Conroe for a night. Then on Saturday Jackson and Lauren went with Dave's family to Huntsville and I went to my TEN year High School Reunion! YIKES i am getting was fun and great to see so many familiar faces! I went with my best friend from my childhood, we met when we were three. It was great to catch up with Julie, Lisa, Kelly and Susan! You know I never thought that day would come....but it did! I'm looking forward to the next one. :)




Sunday, Jackson and Lauren hung out with the Bellomy's while I went out with Lisa and my brother Justin.

Monday Lauren hung out Aunt Melba....

...and then we were off to eat lunch with Lisa and her mom. Lisa and I were best friends in high school. One of the BIG perks of this trip was that I got to spend time with my friends! Usually we go home and rush to see family in 4/5 days. It was great to hang out with Lisa and Mrs. Howse....I hope that we will see each other again soon!

Then we were off to my brothers to hang out with my mom...jackson playing at the mall...and FREEBIRDS!!!

Tuesday we went back to Conroe and Jackson spent the night with Paw Paw and Zan Zan ( my dad and stepmom) while I went to San Antonio with Lauren to visit Laura and Erick (and Jack and Zoey!). We had a great time and it was so nice to finally see where they live (even though I missed the last couple places!) the way Happy Early Anniversary!

On Wednesday Lauren and I headed back to Conroe to hang out with my parents....on the way I thought we would stop at Blue Bell and take a quick tour. You wouldn't believe it, but they were closed for the day. Blue Bell was celebrating 100 years with private parties for the company...oh well. They did give us a free cup and Lauren tried it...she wasn't too into it, but don't worry we will try again!

We had a great time at my parents and fun with lots of water and some ice cream! :)

Thursday we went to the children's musesum in the Woodlands,

Next we dropped Lauren off with Aunt Brenda and Mam Maw (Dave's mom) for the night. Lauren are rice cereal thanks to Aunt Brenda's hard work....and I am pretty sure she had a good time! :) Jackson hung out with Zan Zan for the evening and I'm sure they had fun with popcorn for dinner! :)

Lauren and Aunt Brenda!

Then Dad and I went off to meet Justin at the Astros game....this was a history ballgame! Craig Biggo (my favorite baseball player since 6th grade, I even made a little book about him with Brianne) had his 3,000 hit! (well by the end of the night he had 3,002). Only 26 other players have done this, so it was a big deal. We were really hoping he would do it while we were was awesome. I will post my video of it later!

Friday time to start heading north...after breakfast at IHOP we all headed to Grand Saline to visit Granny (Dave's grandmother). Saturday we attempted to go to First Monday in was way too hot and Jackson hadn't been feeling too well. Granny had these little cups and Jackson became a pro at learning how to drink from a cup. In fact only Granny could refill his glass! Then before I knew it and it was Sunday at 11AM and it was time to go...


cousin Jordan

the gang at Granny's!

Lauren and Mommy!

but wait there is still one more stop...

We then went to Sulphur springs to meet my friend David. It had been a really long time since we had gotten together, he had never met the kids. We had a great time and Jackson really had fun. They colored, ripped up napkins and learned about shapes.

Here we are leaving Texas....always a sad moment...

until next was a great trip and we all had a blast! Can't wait for the next adventure!
love and miss all of you!


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