Thursday, November 27, 2008

First trip to the movies!!!!!!

Dave thought tonight would be a great night to take the kids to their FIRST movie! I was a little worried about taking Lauren (so was dave) but it turned out great!!!  Jackson was in shock at how big the screen was...Lauren was interested in the popcorn (and the movie too)! Lauren didn't even get out of her chair till halfway through the movie and even then she just sat in our laps and ate more popcorn. Everyone had a great time and by the end I was teary eyed. I just couldn't believe that we just sat through a movie with TWO children! When did all this growing up happen??? thank goodness we have another baby on the way, this is all happening way tooo fast! 
I do believe that every picture we took of the kids Jackson was just in awe and Lauren had popcorn in her mouth! Yes, I am the crazy mom who took pics when we sat down and when it was over! I just couldn't resist!!!! 

we asked jackson afterwards if he liked the movie and he said he liked going, but didn't want to see that movie again... "the lady that was mean to the lions was scary!" if you have seen the movie you know who he is talking about. It really is a cute movie and we laughed all through it! I do think it was a little mature for Jackson...but all is all this has been a GREAT day! 

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Today we had a great time celebrating Thanksgiving with our Arkansas family! Here are the kids making presents for out guests. We are so thankful for all the wonderful people in our lives and how God has truly blessed us here in Siloam Springs, AR! 

Not a big group of people, but we had a wonderful time!!!! so much fun and so many laughs! This is the group of folks we spend all our holidays with when we aren't with our family. Of course we were missing quite a few....but we look forward to Chrismas and the future holidays to come! (The McCord family and Ms. Alice!)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

fun day at the park

We had a really nice day the other day...the high was in the 60's and we had to take advantage of it. we ended up staying almost 2 hours! Lauren had also just gotten a haircut right before we went...our little girl isn't a baby anymore!!!

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