Monday, August 13, 2007

New word

You can imagine the look on Allison's face when Jackson turned to her and said, "Momma, my butt hurts!"

That's nice... real nice.

our weekend...

Started at the park...coloring in the gazebo!

Lauren and Amanda watching the boys

Watching the house behind us get torn down...

it's all gone now...only took about 50 minutes....

Saturday...AGGIE RIVER PARTY! We took Isaiah to start teaching him all about A&M!

Lauren was present as well!

Sunday...Saying goodbye to Suzannah (aka Suzanny) She left for college this morning....we are going to miss her so much! We went to breakfast and then got her all checked and moved was super exciting and hard at the same time. It hit me when I was driving home last night that she won't be over to just talk to and hang out with in the evenings and I am really going to miss that special time. Luckily Fayetteville is just around the corner so we will still be able to hang out...just in her dorm now, not my house! :)


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