Saturday, November 06, 2010

few more words... and other stuff

my cute little guy! don't why the binoculars are by his ears...but he sure is happy! :)

few more words...
eesse (please)
I wan tha (i want that, while pointing)

once again I thought i had a few more....but I guess not.


Last night we pulled up to Chili's, we were all going to share a dessert...Lauren goes 'ohhh, I love this place with the pickle!' ;) Lauren really is a FUNNY girl...I think about writing the funny stuff she says, but I usually I am going to try to get better at it. One other thing she loves to talk about is tooting...oh my and in the WORST places! Lauren is LOVING pre school! which I am glad, I can tell she is learning how to play better because I can see a change at home (sometimes) when she is playing with her brothers.

Jackson has lost TWO teeth! will post pics of notes and toothless pics soon, just have to get the batteries charged on the camera. Jackson is also doing great in school. We are learning to read and just finished level 1 for Kindergarten (Hooked on Phonics, 2 levels per grade), we are counting money, working on writing, exploring the outside, making a few crafts, and about to start subtraction (he LOVES addition)! We are also reading the Little House on the Prairie series...FABULOUS! we both are enjoying it. I think we are on course, but since this is my first time I really don't know.

this was a random post and I didn't even got to the stuff I planned to write about (halloween, parties, weight loss, kids eating foods and more!) but I have three crazy kids playing upstairs with their daddy and I have to get cooking! We are really trying to get the kids to eat tonight we are having a thanksgiving dinner to start being familiar with the foods, so we will be ready by Turkey day!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Words Peter Says...

I have not been good about jotting things down since Peter turned 1(he is now TWENTY months!)...that is when he started crawling and my life became a LOT more exciting! He isn't saying much....but here is our list so far...

tha (that)
up (to get out of his chair)
brmm, brmmm (car sound)
uice (juice)
NO (he has been saying this one a while)

gosh I thought there were a few more, but Dave and I can't think of anything. Poor guy has been fussing more then talking....he has three bumps on his forehead, and a scratched up nose. Plus he has begun throwing fits due to me telling him 'no' for standing in chairs about 20 times a day, don't stand on the edge of the couch, don't go OUT the doors and so on and so on. He is still my cutie and loves a good snuggle...even though they are becoming fewer and fewer, I will take what I can get! Love my sweet Peter!!

Monday, October 18, 2010


I haven't gotten to write about homeschooling I will try to start writing about what we are doing. I should take some pics also on some of our projects, I will add that to my to do list!

First I want to talk about why we decided to homeschool....for this year. We are taking homeschooling year by year, we might be done after this year, or go on for 5-10 more years. We also thought Kindergarten was a great option as well and even had him registered. We pulled him out 5 days before the deadline!

-My mom had cancer about 5/6 years ago....she has never fully recovered. She has a permanent feeding tube, a saliva sucker, can't swallow a thing. She has lost so much weight there is no more to lose. she is very weak and can barely walk these days. My stepfather died 2 years ago, and she went into a new state of depression. Although when I went home last Sept it was the best I had seen her in 2 years.We took on her first trip out of the house in NINE months! I wanted to have flexibility over the next year or two in case she were to get worse. My brother, even though he lives right next to her, works full time and can't quit his job if she needs more. My brother has done SOOO much for my mom and I want to be ready to help my mom if she needs something. If Jackson is in school I can't just go to Texas for a month if I need to go help.

-Dave doesn't have vacation whenever he wants. Although we can kind of have an idea of when we might be able to take a few days, really our schedule is based or when projects start and end. His last project ended the first week of September, we had one week off before the next phase...that's just the time he had. So it will be nice to have a little more flexibility to go to Texas to see the family as a family.

-I started teaching Jackson when he was three how to recognize his ABC's, nature walks. At 4 we really learned how to write all the letters and start working on sounds. When he turned 5 he started getting into math and spelling has been so great to watch him learn and it's great to watch it continue this year into reading, memorizing Bible verses, harder math, you know 12+3, not 2+3 :) . I love watching it click in his mind. To see him figure out a word he has never read and the joy in his face when he GETS it is so great!!! So it's really wonderful to be a part of this! We like knowing what he is learning and being an active part in that.

-I really like the Charlotte Mason homeschooling ways. I don't follow it exactly, they say you don't even formally teach until 6, well Jackson is VERY ready, so we are going pretty full force. I do use some workbooks (they aren't too into them), I do have 2 small children so I have to have things for him to work on. But I really love reading the living books and all the outdoor learning. Now it might be hard in the winter to have a lot of outside time, but we will worry about that when we get there. I wish I had had this type of learning growing up, I think I would have done much better in school. You don't just memorize facts, but you learn them in story form, which makes it much easier to remember! The nice thing about Charlotte Mason (CM) is that it also really emphasizes good habits for children and how to really learn to listen, be obedient, do their best at all times, learn the Bible and really just learn about the world (just to name a few).

-The town where I live has a GREAT support group for homeschooling. Jackson even has his second field trip this week! He has plenty of opportunities to do things with other fact 3 of my neighbors homeschool! I LOVE having my boy around with me a little longer, he is such a huge blessing to me and to his brother and sister!

These are most of our main reasons and I hope this all makes sense. We love homeschooling and would be happy to do it a few more years, but if Jackson goes to school next year that would be okay too. We know that he could be a blessing to many others and we just want to be obedient to what God is calling us to do!

Friday, October 08, 2010

this is what I have been doing...

Getting ready for a HUGE multi-family yard sale!!! and TODAY was the day (well tomorrow too!) Today we did great and had a blast...hope tomorrow goes as well!

setting up at 6am
the sun is up! ready for the fun to begin!
the kids at their cookie/lemonade stand! they made 20 bucks at their table! and that doesn't even include the things they put in the yard sale! the grand total was 33.50! No more pics after this point....we were too busy and tired :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lost our first tooth!

We have our first lose tooth!!!! bottom with a little red around it. (Sept 2nd)
Our Kindergarten Picture...which I rushed to take before the tooth fell out!
good thing, he yanked that tooth out the next day! :) Where did my baby go??? We still haven't given the tooth to the tooth fairy, he just isn't ready yet...maybe sometime soon!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dave's Hard Work!

Today Dave power washed the front porch, all the outside toys, chairs and tables! It was long overdue but I am so excited about how great it now looks. It has been such an unusually hot summer and we didn't get to use our porch at all and it just got really gross. we are now ready for fall and to entertain many out there!
thank you sweetie for working on your Saturday!!! it looks GREAT!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Lauren's first day of Pre-K!

Here we are all ready to go!!! it was dark and pouring, but we were all super excited!
she has a very silly personality!
where did my baby girl go???
finding her cubbie!
Finding Mrs. Brenda, her AWESOME teacher and our former neighbor!
Still all smiles as I picked her up! She had a GREAT first day!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


here is a link to two is from 4th of july the other is jackson reading his first book!

we are on week one of homeschooling....maybe i will write about it sometime this week. i can't believe i haven't put anything on here in so long! will post pics from what i have been working on soon!

hope the link works!!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Sweet Peter!

Peter Trying to Walk!

Peter walked with the grocery cart!! he hasn't really tried again, but he is working on it. he just doesn't like to use his legs at all!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

they rode the tractor!!!

We have been watching the bunkers on their tractors for probably over a year now...maybe even 2 year and both kids have always been WAY too scared to get on it. well yesterday Donnie was working all day on it and I asked the kids around 4 if they would like to ride and they did! I really didn't think Lauren would get on, but she loved it!

I am so thankful to have such great neighbors moving in, they are all so nice and they love my kids!
jackson helped load it with dirt and trash....he is a good worker!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

glimpse into our summer....

Many of you may not know this, but I really wish I was a photographer...I have loved taking pics since I was in high school. but have never taken the time to get really into it. but this summer I will be documenting what's going on next door, a house being built! we bought this table so the kids could watch and the workers could have a place to sit and rest (they are our friends). we are so excited about getting to watch the house go up and I really really need to go order a tool kit for the kids, they think they are going to be building the house too :)

realted....for sure!

Peter likes donuts!!! :)
we all know I love my blue bell!
Lauren loves her chocolate chips!!! :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Hanging out with the Williams and Butchers!

This weekend Jennifer, Abbie and the Williams came to NWA! They were here to visit other family members and I am so glad they were able to spend some time with us!
playing checkers with Mr. Williams
before we know it these kids will be running off and we won't even get a picture with us and the kids...i miss my Jen and Abbie :)
the Williams and all the kids
Aunt Jen loves my kids and they love her :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rainy Day Fun!!!

we really do have fun when we stay in all day....we stayed extra busy with activities today!

chase/hide from the camera!
the only good one...I only caught them on the camera a few times :)
almost got a pic of their faces
I have about 20 of this shot!
I took a pic of the flowers dave sent me this week...since I had the camera out anyways. he is so sweet :)
eating of course!

egg chair fun!!!! peter got in all by himself today...he is getting so big!
all the stuffed animals...and Peter!!!
where is peter???
there he is!
ring pop candy that turns your mouth blue!

all in all we had a great rainy day! soon we are off (hopefully the rain will hold off) and we are getting a mattress for the new BUNK BED coming in!!! the kids are going to be sooo excited!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Lauren's 3rd birthday (very late!)

Well I realized the other day I never put pictures up from Lauren's birthday party. My computer died around the same time as her birthday, so I never got her pics on my current computer. So here we go! BTW I got these from our phanfare site, so they are pretty big.
*some of these pics were way to big, if you click on some of them you can see the entire photo. I will have to work on this.*

the big THREE year old!!!
Lauren and some of her friends!
Her Super CUTE cake! it looked just like the invite!

A lot of the party was such a fun party!
Where did my baby girl go??? She is starting pre school in September....well that's assuming we learn how to use the potty...hard core training is starting soon!
Lauren and Anna about to open presents!

Getting ready to play Pin the Crown on the princess!
Here is a pic of the entire family! we all had such a great time at her party!

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