Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Roller Rink...2011!

Well Jackson has been doing a lot of reading (well I read 95% still) and we said once he filled a reading requirement we would go do something fun. Well he filled it 2 months ago at the beginning of Dave's crazy work schedule and the holidays...but we didn't forget!

Saturday, the morning after Lauren's 4th birthday party (post to come), we all got in the car and headed to Fayetteville....to the disco light, fun tunes and ROLLER SKATES! I mean really are Dave and I actually going to get on them??? it's been a LONG time. but then we realized we all have to! can't send all three kids out with no experience and no hand to hold. yep, ALL FIVE of us did it...it was an adventure to say the least! :)

So how did it go?? Well at first Jackson was very upset (he is a perfectionist) and just couldn't get it. He is almost in tears, very sad about this reward activity. But by the end (2.5 hours later and Dave pushing him out there) he had improved a LOT and was asking to come EVERY Saturday. Lauren never really liked it, but did smile some! :) she would NOT let go of either of us! Then there is Peter, he ROCKED it! He would let go, in fact he waved me away the last hour! if he fell he laughed (cried a couple times) and got back up and tried again. He just loved it and by the end he really was doing great! My baby isn't a baby anymore and this event with all the kids was surreal. no one to hold, everyone participating, crazy! oh and my not so baby anymore turns TWO next month!

My BIG boy! Roller skating for the FIRST time!

Peter had so much fun!

WOW....all my kids are so big now!

Lauren didn't frown the entire time...see picture below...
there is the smile....see she did have some fun....poor thing just didn't love this activity, but stuck with it even while getting a blister!
Peter really was the youngest skater there...pacifier and all! :)
the coolest helpers to learn to skate!

more Peter words...again...

Everytime I post on here, Peter starts saying more words and then I get on here to write them and I forget the words...

I want up
rrrrr (car making noise)
hot (we have a wood stove to heat our house...so he really knows that word!)
mommy (but I am usually momma)

Peter has such a great personality. He is still very much an observer and very clingy with a few people....but so happy! He is also a little OCD....VERY into washing his hands, putting things away, sweep and loves to throw the trash out! I am letting him do all these things! He also has 2 of his two year molars....oh so fun! lets just says we have been extra clingy the last month or so!

One of our friends (who played football for the Razorbacks) told us that Peter was going to play football...and I have been saying that too since he was a baby. He just has a big chest, short legs, big head...just always looked like a football player. so now I have to start praying that he doesn't want to play football! :) my next post we talk of his newest skill! :)

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