Saturday, August 04, 2007

pics with the new camera...

Nothing too exciting.....just playing with the camera (Pentax K100D)

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Quick Trip to Tejas....

Jackson with his first offical seat on a plane! He is growing up!

Lauren fell asleep in her Daddy's arms!

Allison's Family for a steak/ribs dinner! it was DELISH!

Lauren and Uncle Justin...she has ice cream on her face!

Jackson and Paw Paw on the Carousel...

Lauren rode with Zan Zan

Quick pic with the grandkids..

We moved one of our best friends into her first was so exciting! We are so happy for you Lisa!

Dinner with Dave's Family...

Aunt Melba with the kiddos

Lauren with her Aunt Brenda (she loves Aunt Brenda!)

Lauren and Jackson...

Riding the train in Houston...Lauren liked it too!

My b-day in Texas...

Flight back

b-day cake in Arkansas! When we walked in the door after driving back from the airport I got squirted with silly spray and surprised by some good friends! Thanks Suzannah, Amanda and Elizabeth! :)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Lauren Sits up all by herself! (june 21st)
Dave's B-day July 23rd! Lauren was out by cake time!

Lauren loves her bath! She is sitting up in her tub now!

Dave and Lauren taking it easy (while mommy was trying to get the boys to sleep during the sleepover!)

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