Tuesday, October 21, 2008

random pic

I found this pic on dave's photo site tonight and I didn't even know he had it...it's one of my favorites of me and the kids. It's from my b-day in July...they were so cute and we had such a fun time celebrating. I probably won't be posting any pics from this trip while in houston...but i might find some old pics that were never posted.
oh and i bought my first ticket to a professional football game tonight...going to see the Texans vs. Bengals on Sunday. I am really not into NFL, I like college football, but my brother and I really wanted to go and we are squeezing it in. plus the texans aren't that bad this year and my bro says we SHOULD win this game...we will see!
please keep our family in your prayers...my mom is having to go to PT everyday this week to help her wrist heal (she broke it 2 months ago). my mom's health is already bad and this hasn't been helping at all. She is doesn't seem like her normal self at times and it's been very hard on my brother and the rest of us. Dave's family has some pretty important decisions to make in the coming week and it's going to be hard. Dave is helping with his grandmother all week and I am helping with my mom everyday and there is a lot of driving going on and switching kids around and making it all work. don't worry even though it's NUTS, we are throwing in a little fun (NFL, little party in College Station...AGGIELAND, nephew's b-day) and of course eating GOOD FOOD!! i can't come here and not hit some of our favorite spots...besides this will be our last trip to Houston till after the baby is born, so we have to get our food fixes and family visits in! :) thanks for the prayers!

Monday, October 20, 2008

In Houston...

Saturday night we decided that we needed to spend the week in Houston after talking to family members. both of our families really needed a few extra hands this week and we are glad to be here. So now we are in Houston...got in around 9pm tonight. We hope the leaves don't change too much while we are gone...and look forward to seeing fall when we come back. Hope everyone has a great week!

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