Monday, August 01, 2011

Jackson's new friend!

Let me introduce our new resident, Gill Crawler.
We found him eating our tomatoes...and now he is our next project and hopefully get to see him turn into a butterfly/moth.
Jackson really really loves this guy and got VERY emotional (3 times today)that he will not be able to pick him up and play with him once he starts the process to change to a moth. jackson probably sat outside with him for at least 1 hour today! he LOVES him!

Happy 32nd Birthday!

Happy Birthday Dave!!!

slip n slide 2011!

first day of ballet!

it was such a big day! here she is with her friend, Drew.

updated pics of the garden!

First Zucchini
the entire garden
squash bugs that we were really fighting...I think we are winning since we now have our first squash!

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