Friday, June 19, 2009

a fun day swimming!

today was our first pool day and the kids has so much fun! our former neighbors took the two big kids and I went to take a few pics. This was the first time lauren went down the slide and was old enough to play and have fun! :)
So did Jackson!
Lauren loved Sara too!

and ice cream afterwards...
YUM! they didn't last much longer after these pics...lauren was out around 6:50...bedtime is ususally 7:30-8:30...3 hours at the pool might be a part of our routine! :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Look at Peter holding his head up SOOO well! everytime i put him on his tummy he screams, head is down, no fun! well it had been a week, so I put him on his tummy yesterday and he held his head up like he had been doing it forever...he is so cute :)
Jackson has been at VBS all week, so lauren and I have been having special playtime and lots of reading! yesterday was baby day! :) she loves her babies! and yes, she really needs her hair cut, i try to put her bangs out of her face but she hates things in her hair. We have an appt for monday, i scheduled it after seeing this pic up close!

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