Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Houston and Katy!!!

Tonight we celebrated Houston and Katy's birthdays!!! Houston turned 5 on December 2nd and Katy turned 4 on December 13th. Last night I thought we would just drive through McDonalds and get them each a hamburger and stick a candle in it...nope, that would not work for Jackson! He said they had to have a birthday cake and that they would love it!!! i think they did love it, but I also know they would have loved a hamburger! :) 

This party also reminds us that we have lived in our current home a year! The last party we threw in the other house was Houston's Party with the Orcutt family...our first party in the new house was Katy's with the Matchell family. Hard to believe we have been in the house a year...and what a good year it was! This next year will also be super exciting! :) 
So now you all know that we love to celebrate everyone's birthdays!!!
WARNING:There are a TON of pics of our exciting night! 

Lauren's first time to cook!

My big boy helper...yes, we did wear our pj's all was cold! 

Don't they look delish??? Jackson actually assigned a cupcake to everyone...Isaiah, Mr. Matt, Mrs. Amanda, Mrs. Christine, Mr. Brian, Anna, Jakin, Connor, Suzanny, Mrs. Brenda, Mr. Tim, Mr. Roger, Mrs. Judy, Mrs. Jennifer (his teacher), Daddy, Mommy, Lauren, Houston, Katy....and told me which sprinkle was everyone's favorite :) it really was adorable!!! 

The Birthday Pup, Houston! 
Lauren had SOOOO much fun!
Singing Happy Birthday to Katy...Lauren was trying to say some of the words!
the dogs aren't good at blowing out candles...good thing we have helpers!!
There is Katy's cupcake!
Lauren couldn't believe it was GONE in one bite...Katy doesn't chew anything! 
Houston on the other hand takes his time and really enjoys every bite!
My cute little girl!!! She finally got her cake :) 
Jackson had a blast at the party....he loves parties! 
Lauren really wanted Katy to wear the hat, Katy was so good about just staying there :) 

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