Friday, July 18, 2008

here i am....delayed at usual!

I never did get around to uploading some new photos...never had a lot of free time. I have free time now, unfortunately I can't upload to the computer. We (Dave and myself) are stuck at O'Hare...going on 4 hours now...2 more to go! That is assuming that the flight doesn't get delayed for a 4th time! we were supposed to be taking off 5 minutes ago. My brother and his girlfriend are already in NYC....probably checking into the hotel, resting on a nice soft bed as my bum is getting numb from the hard seats and legs are tired (i have walked a couple miles already!) :) oh well....I am starting to question if it was worth a few hundered dollars to go straight to new york or hang out in O'Hare for 8 hours??? hmmmm :) probably better to save the money.

This is actually our first trip away from the kids for more the 24 hours....and not being able to drive over in 30 minutes. (that has only happened a couple times) We get back wed afternoon...seems like a long time from now! Dave's Mom and her mom, were very nice to come up and watch the kids for a 4 day weekend and then our wonderful neighbors (McCord's) will be watching the kids the last 2 days. Hopfully we don't get delayed on the way back....but since we are flying though O'Hare the chances are very likely!

what are we doing in NYC???
  • Saturday we are going to meet up with some friends (the Higgins) since they are on their way up to Niagra Falls. They are our best friends that live in DC...also AGGIES! :)
  • Sunday, Dave and I are going to a BROADWAY show and seeing Chicago! we actually booked the show while sitting here at the airport! (i guess being stuck here does have it's advantages! )
  • Monday and Tuesday nights are the real reason we are visiting the Big Apple...BASEBALL!!! My brother and I are visiting all the baseball stadiums....very fun! Well this is the last year for Yankee Stadium...which is so hard to's such a vital part to baseball history! This also happens to be the last year for the Mets stadium. Which I guess means we might have to add the new staduims in 10/15 years :)
  • wednesday is an airport day :)

This should be a really great trip if we ever get out of O'Hare...i hope we don't have to spend the night here! hope everyone has a great weekend!

*Update* we just got delayed again! (4:30pm) we are now leaving at 6:22

*Update* we got delayed again!!!! (4:56pm) we are now leaving at 6:38

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