Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Finally....some pictures from our trip to New York! I am so behind on updating all of you with pictures, I will try to catch you up with our summer!

Justin and Maribel on the Water Taxi around New York....They got engaged on this trip!!! CONGRATS!!!

First Stop....PIZZA in Brooklyn! Justin and I love to eat pizza....and Maribel lived in Brooklyn and said this is one of the best places in all of New York...it was GREAT! we did stand in line for an hour outside, during a New York heat wave!

taking in the sites! Times Square!

Dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe with our best friends, the Higgins...they were on their way to Canada.
Rockefeller Center....Higgins' family!

Justin and Maribel took a helicopter ride over the city...what a neat experience....while they did that Dave and I were getting ready to go see Chicago on Broadway.

Meeting up after the show and ride....that is 1lb of MEAT on that!
Maribel was so surprised...it was great!
After a late night meal...time to go to the APPLE store! I must admit the entrance to this store was amazing...there was a staircase under the apple in this clear entrance. BTW, this apple store is open 24/7. We got there around midnight and there were tons of people there!
Central Park....

Yankee Stadium! It was a great game and we saw Jeter hit a home run!

after the game...
more food! the biggest BLT we had ever seen!
The Mets Game...it was GREAT!

That's the end of our trip. We had tons of fun and we all had a great time! Next summer we plan on going to St. Louis to check out the Cardinals....this baseball stadium journey has been a blast and I can't wait to go on to the other stadiums!

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