Friday, December 05, 2008

last trimester!

Well we are officially in the last trimester! Yesterday marked the 3 months till my due date! Gosh is goes by fast....but not as fast as the kids growing up! :) I still don't plan on finding out what the baby is, but parts of me is really wanting to know for xmas...i am trying to stay stong. 

In other news, Suzannah is coming home today and we are so thrilled to see her! The kids shirts are all ready and we are going to meet her at the airport tonight!!!! hard to believe we haven't seen her since the end of August. I know she will be busy at UofA, but at least we can meet up for dinner. Italy is WAY TOO FAR! I know she had a great time and I am so glad she did this.  She is also going to get to be here for the baby being born...she plans on cutting the cord (eww!). Pictures of her arrival will come later!!!! 

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

thanksgiving surprise!

we had a great Thanksgiving and then the Higgins family showed up the day after!!! It was a big surprise since they booked it 6 days in advance! Here are some pics from our great 4 days together! Their son Freddy is Jackson's best friend and they had so much fun!

We started with coloring!
Next we went to the Gentry Safari!
Building gingerbread house!!! they really liked this...and eating all the candy!
so proud!
I think it turned out really well :) 
watching the snow flurries....they were soooo excited about them! this pic was before was fun driving in the flurries with the boys and Lauren! She had never really seen snow and kept pointing out different windows saying 'look'!
playing games with Uncle Jack!
and don't forget the hot chocolate!!!
our group year we will have two more kids in this christmas photo!
our cute kids!!!
they loved having the timer go off...and watching the red light!
teaching Freddy the 'Bellomy camping'! i think he knew we were missing the tent and hot dogs!
lauren's first snow!! she couldn't stop telling Freddy 'SNOW!'
she had so much fun :)
her favorite part was eating it!
yes, that is a snowman...and it's not as big as it looks :)
Jackson was soooo proud! i think it was 8 or 10 inches tall!
freddy and his family were supposed to be flying out while we made the snowman...but they ended up staying for an extra night (due to weather). We had steak and bought bath crayons for the kids for one last fun activity. 
we also squeezed in a homemade apple pie!  this piece came out perfect!!
Did I mention Stacy is pregnant too??? She is due May 3rd and I am due March 4th! our boys are only 5 weeks apart, it is so fun to be pregnant together again. Neither one of us are finding out what it is this time...i can't wait to see what we have :) I kind of hope at least one of us has a girl or Lauren is going to have 4 boys taking care of her and will never go on a date! 
(Dave will like that!! )

Well now that I have written this post I see why I was so tired yesterday! we were busy and did a lot...but it was worth every minute, it was so wonderful to see our Aggie friends and we were so blessed by their visit! can't wait till the next gathering (with all 9 of us I bet)!!!

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