Friday, January 25, 2008

fun pics..

Today I was trying to get a photo of Lauren in her little denim skirt and striped tights! well this is the best I could do :) I have a few more(along with other photos), just click this link...HERE!

Jackson had a cup of hot chocolate and he loved it! He had one a couple months ago, but wasn't too into it. This is his lovely mustache! :)

Here are a couple photos with the family from the weekend. I love this picture of Granny with the kids, they had so much fun with her!
These are right after Lauren's dedication with both families..

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

long time...

I am a slacker! It's been quite a while, hopefully now that we are mostly settled into the new house and Lauren's party is over we can get back into some sort of routine. Things have been super busy, but really good. These are pictures from the last couple weeks, christmas photos will have to wait...

here are some pics from the first album I have gotten too....
We had a fun play date with some gals and kids from the church.

Jackson and I decided to make a cake for Daddy from scratch, jackson's favorite part....the sprinkles! :)

The kids are all becoming such good is Isaiah, Jackson and Lauren checking out the toys! Lauren started to pull up and stand on things this week...

Click here for pictures of the house...I haven't taken any of upstairs, but I will soon. Here is a picture of our has been so great to cook in!

Lauren turned one last weekend and I just can't believe it. Seems like she was just born yesterday! Jackson grew up fast, but Lauren is growing up even faster. Lauren is such a fun, happy little girl! She loves mexican food, all of it! For her birthday we had fajitas and boy was she excited! She has been cutting her 11th and 12th tooth (yes, she has a lot of teeth) and she hadn't eaten table food for a few days, but as soon as the mexican food came out she forgot she wasn't eating. She really isn't a fruit or veggie eater, but I am just so thankful she eats! Yesterday we tried an entire bottle of whole milk and she loved it. She had cheese toast for lunch and then chicken nuggets and yogurt for dinner. Jackson didn't even eat a nugget till he was over 2 years old! jackson is a great big brother and he really loves his sister. We had a great time when everyone came into to town for Lauren's b-day and dedication. It was a very special weekend.

The birthday girl!

The birthday cake!

the set up!

Last night before she turned one!

more b-day photos! (we didn't get to take too many)

My In-Laws brought up my wedding dress last still fits!!!

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