Saturday, November 06, 2010

few more words... and other stuff

my cute little guy! don't why the binoculars are by his ears...but he sure is happy! :)

few more words...
eesse (please)
I wan tha (i want that, while pointing)

once again I thought i had a few more....but I guess not.


Last night we pulled up to Chili's, we were all going to share a dessert...Lauren goes 'ohhh, I love this place with the pickle!' ;) Lauren really is a FUNNY girl...I think about writing the funny stuff she says, but I usually I am going to try to get better at it. One other thing she loves to talk about is tooting...oh my and in the WORST places! Lauren is LOVING pre school! which I am glad, I can tell she is learning how to play better because I can see a change at home (sometimes) when she is playing with her brothers.

Jackson has lost TWO teeth! will post pics of notes and toothless pics soon, just have to get the batteries charged on the camera. Jackson is also doing great in school. We are learning to read and just finished level 1 for Kindergarten (Hooked on Phonics, 2 levels per grade), we are counting money, working on writing, exploring the outside, making a few crafts, and about to start subtraction (he LOVES addition)! We are also reading the Little House on the Prairie series...FABULOUS! we both are enjoying it. I think we are on course, but since this is my first time I really don't know.

this was a random post and I didn't even got to the stuff I planned to write about (halloween, parties, weight loss, kids eating foods and more!) but I have three crazy kids playing upstairs with their daddy and I have to get cooking! We are really trying to get the kids to eat tonight we are having a thanksgiving dinner to start being familiar with the foods, so we will be ready by Turkey day!

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