Thursday, May 06, 2010

Tuesday's with the Matchell's!

For the past few months Christine and I have been hanging out every Tuesday (and other days) and it is one of our favorite days of the week! The kids have a blast and have grown closer and closer every week. Christine and I have also had a wonderful time drinking coffee, talking about coupons, kids, life, eating something GF and just giving each other support with all of our combined SIX kids. Peter thinks of Christine as Mom #2...sometimes #1 because when Christine gets here he doesn't want me anymore! what is that all about?!?!?! actually I get it...she is pretty awesome and why wouldn't he want to be with Christine?

I can't believe that this family is going to be moving to Bentonville (please don't go!) in the coming months. I have even been the crazy friend to even try and HELP them sell their house. (they only live a 2/3 min walk away, maybe 5 with kids) We have even decided to be families that grill out one night a week together (husbands included for this event) and just hang out on these nice summer nights. (BTW we had an awesome dinner last night of burgers, grilled squash, sweet potato fries, red potatoes) I am sure that there are more exciting things to come before they go! That is almost an advertisement to get you to move into their house and be our neighbors...we need someone that will want to hang out with the Bellomy's!!!

here are a few pics from a recent play date and Peter's dedication. love those Matchell's!!!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

very late pics of Jackson's Pirate Party!

Jackson's 5th Birthday party!!

All ready to party and have a great time!
yea for Pirates parties!
bouncy houses are so much fun!

Time for a treasure hunt!
off they go
they found a map!
off to find the treasure!
found was sooo much fun!
cake time
we didn't do very well with getting a family pic!
some good friends, Jakin and Max
present many friends gave so many nice things!
party is over...time to really play!
Brian Matchell had fun too!

Jakin flying high!

Peter and his pirate pants!

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