Thursday, February 21, 2008

here are a few pics...

Okay, I will try again. We have been so busy recently, seems like we have something going on everyday this week. This is a good thing since it been so cold and dreary it's nice to have plans. :)

Alex came over today and it was SOOOO great to see him! He also brought his baby sister Caroline. She is a mini-Alex! She is so cute and adorable! Unfortunately Alex and his family are moving to Florida and we are going to miss them so very much! I think the bond Alex and Jackson have is so great and I don't think he will ever have the same bond with any other friend.

Here are the boys today playing on the fire truck, which they have been playing on forever!

Here they are playing on it December 2006! :) Some things just don't change. These boys have been best friends since they were little.

A very BAD shot of all four kids! :) We will do better next time!

Alex and Caroline..

Here is a slideshow of all these pictures and more from pictures posted see all of them click here

Going to the Gentry Safari! It's a drive though Zoo, with a petting area, it was so much fun and Jackson loved it! Lauren did too!

The monkey really loved lauren!

Here are just a couple random photos

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

not working too well

I am getting really bad about updating this blog! Unfortunately the MAC is the computer I use for photos and it has been VERY slow!!! The PC won't let me sign into blogger...I just have to make myself get on here more!

I just tried to uplaod photos, but it won't let me. So i will try again one day :)

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