Saturday, August 30, 2008

Heading to TEXAS!

Well we have had a change in plans...we were supposed to leave for TX next Tuesday, but now we are leaving tomorrow! We decided a few hours ago....yikes! we have a lot to do and not much time to get it done in. I hate that we are going to miss Jackson's first day of school, but we have to beat the storm down to's doesn't look like it will make landfall anywhere near Houston, but the outer rings of rain will get in our way on Tues/Wed and there could be some stong winds. So we are heading out at lunch time tomorrow...we will see what time we actually leave. :) Hope everyone has a great to you soon!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

she is getting so big!!!

here are some words that our sweet little girl is saying...i really need to put them in the calendar, blogspot will have to do for now! She isn't a big talker like jackson was, but she is blabbing all the time, so I am sure the words she is trying to say will be out soon!

shoe - she already has a weird fetish with shoes
cow! (her new favorite)
uice (juice)
more (her first real word!)
momma (sort of)

she can also point to her hair, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hands, feet and belly button.
she is really into cows right now and has been carring a little cow all over the place. jackson was really into farm animals at this age and it's super cute! Lauren is also loving to cook and play with cups and silverware (plastic of course). i don't know where the time goes, before we know it she will be a big talker like her brother and be TWO this January!!!

lauren and her little COW!
hair and mouth at the same time! 

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


We have had a lot going on here in Arkansas and back in TX. A week ago my mom broke her wrist in 2 places and had surgery. She now has 4 pins in her arm with a big bar. Unfortunately it is on her right arm which makes eating really hard. Dave's Granny has had some health issues and my brother, Justin, is having a lot of personal issues (very serious with very close people in his life) that he is dealing with. We are going to Houston next week, but I wish we could be there now...there is so much going on. 

We had a family RMP company party this weekend. It was great to meet all the guys, spouses and kids!! here are the guys that keep this company going.
RMP had a bouncy house for the party...a few kids came and tested it before the party! 
Rosanna and her brother Fernando came by too!

here are some older summer pics...

Allison's b-day!!!!
my very cool kids! Jackson did this all on his own and Lauren had to wear it the same way.
playing in the rain...this is the jungle in the yard. the conquered the mountain. 
(with blake and emily )
silly rainy day faces...Lilly is here too!
Ice cream!!! lauren's first own cone...the following picture is her reaction!

Lauren being silly!
they really are best friends :) 

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