Tuesday, July 07, 2009

trip to Texas...

We had an unexpected trip to Texas in June (family emergency...things are still tense, but better) and we tried to have a little fun while we were down there.

Hanging out with Paw Paw!
Jackson must have enjoyed this!
yep, that says 107....it was really 104, but the real feel was 110!
Peter had his first trip to the pool, he LOVED it!!! he was soo happy!
Uncle Wayne is so cool and so much fun!
Peter is such a blessing to our family! I love to see him smile!
Lauren is loving the water this year!
my kids looked out of it, but it was way past bedtime and they didn't want to take a picture with their cousins, Ethan and Taylor.
Dinner with Grandmother Bellomy
at Lupe Tortilla...the best resturant! Lauren loved this horse!

Peter has his mouth open all the time...so cute!

Freebirds with my brother, Justin!
Dave had to get some swim time with Peter too!
We didn't get to do a whole lot of exciting things, but we had some good family time.
It's always nice to go to Houston and if you think about it keep Dave's Aunt and Uncle in your prayers. They were in a serious car accident and hie Uncle is still in the hospital. He should recover, but it will take a while. thanks.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Fun making Pizza!

tonight we made homemade pizza and I had two great helpers!!! it was so much fun!
taking turns...gotta love the faces they are making while not getting to use the roller!
Lauren and Jackson both working so hard!
dave walked in right in time to shread cheese!
Jackson was SOOOO proud! he usually doesn't want to eat my pizza, but i think since he made it, he was eager to eat it! and he ate almost 2 slices!
this is all Lauren would do when i said to show me her pizza...we had to just take it away, she was way too into the cheese!
Lauren looks like she is doing something she shouldn't be doing and Jackson is having fun! :)

Fun on the 4th!

Jackson helped me make cookies for the 4th of July party....well the picture displays all he really did :)
Happy 4th of July! Peter was excited about his first fourth!
we just had to get pics with our sweet baby!

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