Saturday, July 18, 2009

Jackson getting married...

Tonight at dinner jackson and I are talking and all of the sudden he says he wants to marry sweet! but I told him I was already married to Daddy and that I couldn't marry him. So I said he would have to find another girl to marry. I asked him about Anna and he said, no, he didn't want to marry her anymore (he asked her dad if he could marry her about 5 months ago, which was hilarious to watch when he asked Brian that) then he said, I know who I want to marry! I said who? then he said I can't remember her name, but i love her very much and she is my friend. Then I started saying some names and it was Emily! :) He was like I can't believe I forgot her name, I want to marry her!so cute!

then he went on to tell me all the things that are at a wedding...marshmellows, blueberries, grass, sidewalk, water fountain, lots of people, popsicles and a the best thing of all a big firetruck! sounds like a great time to me!!!

I love my little boy!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

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