Monday, March 08, 2010

Dad and Suzanne come to visit...

Dad and Suzanne came in for a quick visit for Peter's first birthday and we had so much fun with them! Jackson and Lauren had really been missing them, it had had been about a year since they had been up here, so they made sure they played 24/7 with them! :) Of course we have seen them in TX some, but not as much as we would like :(

Games...they played LOTS of games!
Trying to help Peter crawl.
pic with the grandkids.
at church together!
bonding with sweet Peter
Lauren had to get in on the bonding time too!
This was what jackson drew when he got home from school (they left for TX after he went to school. He and his Paw Paw going out for ice cream together....he really really loves his Paw Paw!

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