Friday, May 21, 2010

Hanging out with the Williams and Butchers!

This weekend Jennifer, Abbie and the Williams came to NWA! They were here to visit other family members and I am so glad they were able to spend some time with us!
playing checkers with Mr. Williams
before we know it these kids will be running off and we won't even get a picture with us and the kids...i miss my Jen and Abbie :)
the Williams and all the kids
Aunt Jen loves my kids and they love her :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rainy Day Fun!!!

we really do have fun when we stay in all day....we stayed extra busy with activities today!

chase/hide from the camera!
the only good one...I only caught them on the camera a few times :)
almost got a pic of their faces
I have about 20 of this shot!
I took a pic of the flowers dave sent me this week...since I had the camera out anyways. he is so sweet :)
eating of course!

egg chair fun!!!! peter got in all by himself today...he is getting so big!
all the stuffed animals...and Peter!!!
where is peter???
there he is!
ring pop candy that turns your mouth blue!

all in all we had a great rainy day! soon we are off (hopefully the rain will hold off) and we are getting a mattress for the new BUNK BED coming in!!! the kids are going to be sooo excited!

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