Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Words Peter Says...

I have not been good about jotting things down since Peter turned 1(he is now TWENTY months!)...that is when he started crawling and my life became a LOT more exciting! He isn't saying much....but here is our list so far...

tha (that)
up (to get out of his chair)
brmm, brmmm (car sound)
uice (juice)
NO (he has been saying this one a while)

gosh I thought there were a few more, but Dave and I can't think of anything. Poor guy has been fussing more then talking....he has three bumps on his forehead, and a scratched up nose. Plus he has begun throwing fits due to me telling him 'no' for standing in chairs about 20 times a day, don't stand on the edge of the couch, don't go OUT the doors and so on and so on. He is still my cutie and loves a good snuggle...even though they are becoming fewer and fewer, I will take what I can get! Love my sweet Peter!!

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