Saturday, January 20, 2007

Going Home

We are getting ready to leave the hospital. They'll let us leave at 5:05 (24 hours after the birth). Lauren is sleeping and Allison is resting as well. I wanted everyone to see Lauren's outfit that she wore in her "official" baby picture from the hospital. Also, there is one here that really shows off her face.

Hard to believe....

Lauren is now about 17 hours old....and currently she is sleeping. We had a good night, but it was long. She finally fell asleep around 3:45 and slept till 7am.

Let me give you a quick summary of the delivery....

4:45 they say you are about ready to push, the head is starting to show! I couldn't believe what they were saying! we need to wait for Dr. Sarver to get here to! Dr. Sarver got there at 5 and she was born at 5:05 in three pushes!

It was pretty unbelievable...with jackson I pushed for 75 minutes and hadn't slept for over 24 hours and had terrible tears. Lauren was such an easy delivery, what a blessing. Part of it was probably becuase I was wasn't too tired and got to rest before delivering.

Lauren is doing great and the Dr. gave a good report this morning, she is perfect! jackson also seems to like her so far....he was petting her last night. He touched her nose and then his nose, it was really cute! :)

We are such a blessed family! Thank you Jesus!

More photos to come!


Friday, January 19, 2007

Lauren Elizabeth Bellomy has arrived!

Lauren Elizabeth Bellomy
Born 1/19/07 at 5:05 pm
8 lbs.
18 1/2 inches

Both are doing WONDERFUL!!!
Thank you for your prayers. Pictures will be posted in minutes.

Latest Check

Does this look like a woman on the brink of pushing? She's just beautiful! They have heated up the toaster oven so it is nice and warm for Lauren. Allison just got checked again and she is at 10 cm. They're calling the Dr. & I saw the head already!!!

Our Hospital

Some people have asked where we are delivering. We are at Northwest Medical Center in Bentonville, AR. Here's a map.

almost there!

Howdy....well I was just checked and I am now dialiated to an 8/9!!! Things are going so much faster this time! They think I will be probably be ready to push in about an hour, we will see. :)Last time I got stuck at 9 for a while.

Next big do you think the baby will be?

Jackson was 8lbs 150z....they say girls are generally smaller.

My guess....7lb 14 oz. Dave's guess 7lb 12 oz.

Looks like Lauren Elizabeth Bellomy will be here pretty hard to believe.

Thanks for your prayers! More updates to come!


Dave's Parents made it

More visitors! That's my parents. Allison is still doing great and not feeling a thing. It looks like our little poll is broken... sorry about that.


Allison is very comfortable now and is at 5 cm. Our friends Jack and Stacy came by to bring me some food and pay us a little visit. Thank you guys for your continued prayers.

Epidural is in!

The contractions were getting really intense and the epidural cart just rolled in. It was a little rough getting that going, but Allison should be feeling better in about 10 minutes. Bless the Lord!

water broke...

Dr. Sarver just came in and I am 3cm, 80% effaced. She went on and broke my water and put something on my uterus wall to see how stong the contractions are. Technology is pretty cool I must admit. The contractions are starting to get a little painful so I am sure the drugs are coming soon! :)

Any guesses as to when you think the baby will arrive?

Note: You may get an error message after voting, but it will still be counted.

I have no last pregnancy I was in the hospital for 16 hours before I delivered and was in labor for almost 36 hours.....YIKES! Things are already a lot faster this time around.

For those wondering, Jackson is with his best bud, Isaiah. We droped him off at 6:45 and he was ready to play....Isaiah was still sleeping, but that didn't stop Jackson from calling for him and looking for him all over the house!

I guess that is it for now....I am thinking about food....something with chocolate! :)


Allison's contractions are getting more intense and are about 3 minutes apart.

At the hospital

Allison and I got up early this morning so that we could get Jackson deposited at his best friend's house and get on over to the hospital in Bentonville by 8am. Allison has had some contractions on her own but they haven't started inducing yet. I'll try really hard to keep the blog updated through out the day. I'll post a few photos on the blog itself, but you can find all of today's pictures in our photo gallery.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

She's coming....

Tomorrow morning I will be induced and Lauren should be born sometime January 19th, 2007! I have to be at the hospital at 8AM....not too early and I am guessing Lauren will be here in the early evening??? That's just my guess! :) I am a little nervous about the labor and delivery, but at least I won't have to worry about getting to the hospital in time. Bad weather is also coming this weekend, which is one reason we are inducing tomorrow. I am already 2cm and 50% effaced and the Dr. said she would be here in the next few days we are helping her come just a tad bit earlier. OKay....well there will be more updates to come....keep us in your prayers!

Here is a pic we took this afternoon.....

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


FYI - The Bellomy car lot is officially closed. We sold our Honda Passport, today! That's a huge answer to prayer for us. I don't think we're going to miss it. :)

Water Woes...

On Monday, I finally broke down and bought a new water heater from Lowes. They installed it on Tuesday, and with a smile they were off with our money. Tonight, Allison was in the shower enjoying more than 5 minutes of hot water, when I hear this sizzling sound periodically coming from the new water heater. I got on the gound, looked in the little peep hole, and wouldn't you know... the sizzling sound was drops of water hitting the flame on the inside of the unit! So tonight I'm borrowing a hose from a neighbor, turning off the gas, draining the tank, and taking the door frame apart so that they can come bring me another water heater, which BETTER NOT have the same problem!

5 days to go?!?!?!?

Lauren will be here any day now, this is so hard for us to believe! I had quite a few contractions last night, but they have dissapered today. I made Dave go get the rest of the stuff we needed out of the garage in 17 Degree weather....but we are now ready! Luckily the ice from the ice storm is starting to melt and we have warmed up to 28 Degrees! No problems getting to the hospital anymore...although family might have a hard trime driving up since OK had a lot more ice and snow. Keep on praying for us, Jackson and Dave have been under the weather, but are starting to get better. We will keep you updated on things!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Back from Memphis!!!

Last week, I was in Memphis on business and was really concerned that I might not make it back in time if Allison went into labor (6 hour drive.) Thankfully, I made it back without any problems. Actually, I made it just in time for an ice storm. Things aren't too bad and we can make it to our hospital if we need too without any trouble.

Tonight, Allison's first shower is being thrown for her. Unfortunately, Jackson is sick (neon green snot)! Allison and I are both coming down with whatever it is I think. Please keep Allison in your prayers as she is getting down to the last week of the pregnancy. We don't need a sick little momma.

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