Monday, January 17, 2011

first snow 2011! (Jan 11)

bad blogger...

I have to admit, I just have a hard time getting motivated to sit on here and update...I will try to do better. remember I have 3 very young kids, a hubby who has only been home on weekends for almost 2.5 months and I am just tired! I really want to do better, because this blog is what I have to remember what's going on in our I must do more of it!

a few more words peter is saying....
wash hands
muwah (kisses)
Daddy -with a emphasis on the 'y' high pitched! love it!
poo poo
he still doesn't say the words more or all done, but very good at signing them.

In other news...LAUREN TURNS FOUR THIS WEEK! where did the time go??? we started this blog right before she was born! I just can't believe it...I even got teary dropping her off at preschool last week. She has such a FUN personality. In fact that's all they tell me at her school....I hope she doing okay in other areas! :) I think we are finally getting past the screaming stage (it's not over, but much better) and fits, and obeying better. (we still annoy the brothers, but I guess thats her job). love my little girl so much!

Jackson is doing great at school. Currently we are in the process of writing a book about himself, learning to read, working on hand writing and math. He doesn't love school all the time but who does? we are learning tons about nature and he is very into animals. We are reading the little house on the prairie books and he and I both love them! we are about to start book 3. he is becoming more and more independent and loves to take care of his baby brother (not his sister though, she is a little to strong willed!) I love my big boy....he turns 6 in April!!!

Well there is a short update for all my loyal readers....more to come...i hope!

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