Sunday, March 28, 2010

tonight's converstaion

tonight's conversation with the kids...

we were coming back from a friends house and this was our conversation...

Dave- Did I hear you guys talk about God and Jesus to your friends?
Lauren-God and Jesus...yeah
Jackson - no we didn't
Dave-what did you talk about?
Jackson - Jesus died, he got hurt and died
Lauren - Jesus died?
Jackson - yes, Jesus died and he came back to life, he died for us
Lauren - we have medicine we can help Jesus
Jackson - they didn't have medicine back then Lauren
Lauren - but we have medicine now and can help Jesus
Jackson - Lauren it's too late for medicine, it can't help him now
Lauren - (starting to get upset) but we can help Jesus!
Jackson - Jesus died for us Lauren and he came back to life and that place is magical

i love kids!!! :)
Still don't have a clue what they really talked about tonight...but I sure enjoyed our talk!

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