Friday, May 04, 2007

Last Day of this chapter...

Hard to believe, but today is Dave's last day at DaySpring. We have been in Arkansas just 2 weeks short of 4 years! Since moving here (in order of coming) we bought our first home, got 2 dogs, had two beautiful children, made tons of friends, started working part time with youth and much more....We have almost been married 5 years....I wonder what exciting things the next 5 years holds! Dave starts his consulting on Tuesday and he already has at least one/two months worth of work. Don't worry there are other potential jobs in the horizon. I will start a part time job with Blessings Unlimited, which is direct sales of Chritian products in peoples homes (called Gatherings). If you are intrested in Hosting or becoming a consutlant talk to me :) There is a link on the right on this page for more info. I hate to say it, time really does go by fast. Before I know it I will be writing about the next 5 years of our lives!

Dave, I am so proud of you and your dedication to our familiy. God has blessed us so much and met all of our needs. I know He will continue to do so and make our lives so full! I am excited about the next step God is taking us on! I love you!

Please pray for our family and all the upcoming changes! We love all of you!

Here are some pics from earlier today! :)

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