Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Tomorrow I head to Ireland for a family reunion with my Dad, Stepmom and Brother. I have never met any of these relatives in Ireland, but am looking forward to meeting new people and learning more about my heritage! I am also looking forward to a little change in scenery and a break from homeschooling, cooking, watering, and all that stuff :) I am also very thankful Dave is taking off work to watch the kids for a WEEK so I can go. Don't worry they will be fine, they are also getting some fun time with Dave's mom and Granny!
Here are a few pictures from a couple towns I will be visiting..

Killarney, Ireland
Adare Castle
Ring of Kerry
Tralee, Ireland...Where we are staying most of the time in this little B&B

I fly into Shannon, sleeping in Tralee and going off to Dublin, Killarney and many other places during my time there. See you all when I get back!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Making Pizza with friends!

We had a couple friends come over and we made PIZZA! The kids had to read the instructions and make it on their own (for the most part) it was fun and delicious!
Rolling out their dough!
Lauren playing with flour.
Jackson working hard!
time for sauce!
I saw you sneak that cheese Lauren! :)
they turned out GREAT!!!!

Last step...EAT!!!!!

lost our first TOP tooth!

This tooth has been so wiggly and it's about to come out! this has been a long 2/3 month process! Here is the LAST picture I got with it in....when he still looked like my little boy.
It's gone! He looks so different and he was SOOOO excited!!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Because I can...

I am a huge football fan and I LOVE my college...TEXAS A&M!! After all the hoopla about the Aggies leaving the Big 12 and Baylor (BU) getting upset about it (which I can sort of understand, they will lose TONS of money), my friend sent me a link to this shirt. An Aggie made it and I have WAAAYYY too many Baylor friends to post this pic on FB, but I just love it. If I was in Texas I would buy it...but here no one would get it. Even though it is kind of mean...I really do like it...yes, I know...I shouldn't...but I DO! :) I am an Aggie through and through and will be forever! we are just one big family and we stick together!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Saturday, August 20, 2011

indoor picnic!

kids indoor picnic this afternoon!

Friday, August 19, 2011

sweet friends!

I am slowly updating pics from the summer on here....Here are a few with our friend/cousin Abbie! Jennifer and I have been friends since high school and then became college roommates and then on to be each other's maid of honor....I think of her as my sister! Anyways, I love her and her sweet family and I miss them tons! someone needs to move up here! :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jackson's Baptism

Jackson became a believer a few months ago (in fact we aren't sure when, when it all came up he said he already been a believer and loved Jesus a long time ago and after a trip to TX, there was no denying his feelings for our Lord.), and he couldn't wait to get baptized! We kept telling him we had to plan it in advance in case family wanted to come and we were so thrilled with how everything went. The most special part was that Dave got to baptize Jackson. He gave a quick heartfelt few words with a little humor of course. It was so wonderful and I know that it blessed Dave so much to do that with our firstborn son.

Then we had a nice cookout with some friends and family at the house after the service. Considering it has been over 100 degrees for around 45 days, the break in heat (just 2 days before!) and nice breeze made for a perfect meal outside! It really was a wonderful day!

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