Thursday, February 03, 2011

more bird pics...

these might be the same birds as the other day, but I got better pics today. Can't wait to find out what they are for jackson's nature book! we will do that this afternoon!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

My snow day...

Well we didn't make it out the door but for a minute and the kids didn't play in the snow, but we still had a great day! it is sooo cold and normally we would have gone out, but between lots of cooking, dave working from home, washing dogs, naps, having to find the winter clothes, schoolwork and just being tired we didn't go out.

I did play with my new camera lens, which made me really eager to get outside and play more with it. I also would like to take a photography class, but have no clue when I would sneak that in. I threw some birdseed on the porch (saw a friend had done that) and watch the birds come. Jackson LOVED watching the birds. Tomorrow we will go back and identify the birds and put them in his nature notebook. here are some of the pics I got from outside today (and a few other things)....

his reaction to the birds!

checking snow levels! he got 6 and we will say 6.5 inches! but it's still snowing as I write this...I bet it's 7ish now!

Peter loved to watch the birds and snow!

the best blizzard shot we got!

sunset....the sun came out for just a few minutes!
I would love to say he liked to watch the snow, but he just watched Dave...he loves his Daddy!

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