Tuesday, February 22, 2011

they grew! 100 days!

Randomly we decided to grow some seeds in baggies about 10 days ago and oh my, Jackson has LOVED this! The pictures are the true joy he expressed when opening the seeds to check on them! no posing at all! I am really starting to think I might have a little scientist on my hands! Which will be hard if we home-school forever since neither Dave nor I excel in science. Jackson loves nature, animals, math and science and we aren't even 6 years old yet! Tonight for a new movie on netflix he picked a documentary about big cats in Africa. He and Lauren both loved it (even the part where they talking about eating the animals they caught...they both tell me it's just the way it is!).

Today we also celebrated our official 100th day of school....even though we are closer to 115/120, we just didn't mark it everyday. when we started this counting journey our fist day I didn't know if I could even make it to the hundreds column in our notebook...and here we are...and that is ALL GOD! Here are few things we have accomplished so far...

-Adding (10 and 10's)
-counting money
-reading beginner books, phonics on all letters
-level 2 of Hooked on Phonics
-almost finished writing a simple book about Jackson
-doing well at handwriting
-learning about nature (he is really into bids now and learning how to identify them)
-working on wood projects
-thinking about the big pictures in life
-reading the Little House on the Prairie Series, he LOVES the adventures they go on! We are on book 3 now...and I love it too!

I truly love homeschooling as tiring as it is....I do look forward to the days when there are no babies and can really focus on the school, some days it's VERY hard to get past the everyday stuff and do school. We have been doing some sort of school since Jackson was 3, he was just ready for something more and we just started and it's so neat to see things we started 3 years ago come into play and what a blessing it is that I get to see all this happen!

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