Saturday, November 15, 2008

Anna and Jakin turn 3!!!

Lauren and Anna have some special baby play time!
The theme was Dora and Diego and here Brian is giving instructions to find the treasure!
"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Anna and Jakin...Happy Birthday to you!!!

You guys are so special to us and we are all so glad we got to be a part of your day!!! Happy 3rd Birthday!!!!

We also need to tell Hudson that Jackson and Lauren are so glad they got to go to your party this morning! Wish we had gotten some pics from it! Happy 1st birthday and we can't wait to see you grow even more in the next year!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lauren is getting so big!

her hair up was short lived...i was so excited she let me put it up...15 min later it was over! 

more words from Lauren...
  • leaves
  • fishy
  • ball
  • cat
  • dog
  • bless you - after dave sneezed....we had NO IDEA she knew that! we all started fake sneezing including lauren, blessing each other it was great!
  • bufly - butterfly
  • candy ---loves candy!
  • where he/it go? with her palms up. (when someone/something is not around)
  • hide (we like to hide and scare each other!)
  • k (intead of yes...although today she did say okay once)
  • DIEGO!! her favorite show!
  • elmo
  • singing the diego theme song
  • juice
  • night night
  • shoe
  • i go, i go! when we are about to go somewhere
  • cookie
  • Paw Paw (only grandparent name she can say so far)
  • Katy (our dog...she thinks both dogs are Katy though)
  • mine (unfortunately)
  • baby (she loves her baby doll!)
  • esse (please and cheese)
  • thik you (thank you)
  • barney
  • cick (click...the camera in diego)
  • map
  • backpack
  • sorry
  • pizza
  • cake (a favorite)
Lauren will be 22 months next hard to believe!  I am so thankful I have at least one more little one on the way, kids are so precious!

Jackson also said a big word the other day..."mom, I have an observation!" he thought it meant an idea :) it was cute to hear him say it and I have no idea where he got it. you NEVER know what that little boy will say!!

today and yesterday

today we are having a home day...both kids have a little we started the day with coloring!

well we went on and did the letter 'B'! 

Yesterday Lauren went to her first playdate!!! This is Oliva, they are about 2 months apart. We really don't know many kids Lauren's age, Lauren was the first baby born in her group at the church, but most of them are 5-10 months after her! She is very used to playing with jackson and all his friends. We have really enjoyed getting to know Oliva's family...they are also expecting and we are both due March 4th! crazy!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008


Roasting marshmallows in the house...if you ask Jackson what we were doing he would say 'CAMPING'!! poor dude has no idea what camping really is...but as long as there is a fire and marshmallows that's all he needs. 
I guess Lauren thought the dogs were getting thirsty, she got the baby bottle and was trying to feed the dogs. Katy actually came up and licked it, she was sooo excited! :)

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