Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Peter is TWO!?!?

We had a fun sports ball themed party, he loved it!
my big TWO year old!
playing ball!
High Five!
Construction work with Cooper...so appropriate! (his Dad is apart of DBC!)
Rarrrr! he loved his tiger light! and roared at everyone with it!
learning to catch with Jamey! yea!!!
the three of us!

Peter had is tongue out all day for some reason...so we joined in!
eating his own cake!
the crew!
best buds!!!

Lauren turns 4!

I have tried posting pics from her birthday party several times....but for some reason they wouldn't post. Today was my day I guess! We had a GREAT celebration and I can't believe she is FOUR!!! Happy Birthday Lauren!
sweet pics of my little girl!
homemade decorations!
Mommy's first homemade birthday cake! Lauren loved it!
Our sweet family!
So glad Paw Paw and Zan Zan could come!
most of the kids!
Lauren with Lauren and Anna!

More of the crew!
my big 4 year old!
With Roger and Judy...we love them so much!
Oh my! love it!

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