Saturday, February 07, 2009

Lauren's night!

Lauren went to her first dance last night!!! the Daddy/Daughter Dance here in Siloam Springs!
Lauren looked adorable in this great outfit her Daddy picked out just for the special night. It will also be her easter dress. :) He did a great job! She even kept this headband in for all of the dance I couldn't believe it!!! She is such a big girl!!!

Of course we all met up for ice cream after the dance...there were lots of daddy's with their daughters there. I really am falling more in love with this little town we live in!

We also went to the opening party of Amanda's store, Amandromeda and it was GREAT!!! I didn't get any pictures, but you all need to make sure you go shop there. Her theme is 'Vintage Modern Stuff'! Things will come and go quickly in there, so make sure you frequent the store! In the store beside it they are also featuring local check that out too !

While we were there at the opening party Lauren decided to show off to a crowd of little boys. She was eating cheese off a plate and decided she needed to do things the way her dad taught her...just put her face on the plate and need for fingers. Well when she did this the boys just errupted with laughter. Of course there were other people we knew who were in the audience, it was great! I guess it's funny to little boys to see little girls eat like a dog!She is a very silly girl and we notice it more and more everyday! 

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

36 weeks pregnant!

Well we only have 4 weeks to go until little Bellomy arrives! I can't believe how fast the 8 months has gone by! Dave has the nursery painted and a friend is working on the bedding. I can't wait to come home from the hospital and see how it all looks!!! I now have appointments every's only a matter of time now! :) 

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

My silly little girl!!!! Lauren's new thing is to be JUST LIKE her brother! :) Jackson loves to tell knock jokes...and now Lauren is doing the same thing. 
Here is how Lauren's one and only joke goes...

Lauren : Knock Knock
Me : Who's there?
Lauren : Na!
Me : Na who?
Lauren : Boat!

then we all proceed to laugh and do it over and over and over again! and you can't help but enjoy it because she loves it sooo much and really loves to tell it!

We have figured out the 'na' in her joke is from banana. Jackson usually says Banana there...then he just makes up something really random with banana. Not sure where the boat comes from! 

couple random pics from last week...

yes, that is 'Flarp' Jackson is playing father like son!

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